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The “Queen of Crime” disappeared. No reasons were known for that tragic act. Feelings of sadness and fear were all combined. The uncertainty of what will happen next was in the minds of everyone. Loads of people were moved to find her. Questions as “will she commit any crime inspired on her novels?”, “will she be able to commit suicide?”, etc. came to the minds of the people. I found very interesting information about all this in a blog almost dedicated to the writer, El blog de Agatha Christie.

agatha-christieAs the webpage The Famous People states, she was born on 15th September 1890, and died on 12th January 1976, England. She was a renowned woman because the big collection of detective novels she wrote. Her first publication that was very successful was “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” that introduced the famous character she created, Hercule Poirot. Her works have been translated into more than 100 different languages, and even her works are well ranked after those of William Shakespeare and the Bible. Her best-selling novel is “And Then There Were None”, millions of copies have been sold till now. She received many awards thanks to her contribution in the field of detective stories. Based on her stories, a great number of films, series, games and comics have been made.

missing_7Not to be repetitive, and write about something that are not the really good books of Agatha Christie, I am going to write about something I read in a blog called El blog the Agatha Christie. There we can find lots of information about the writer, and what I found very interesting and even funny is the next: As it is written in the blog I mentioned before, Agatha was lost for 11 days. The disappearance of the writer moved the whole police and people started to speculate which was the main reason of that mysterious disappearance; many people thought that she was running away, or even committing suicide (thinking she did so because of publicity). When she escaped she already was a notorious writer. Before going away she said goodbye to his daughter and then picked the car and disappear. The car of the writer was found abandoned but without her. Many hypothesis came up; people even thought that her husband had killed her. The fact that the writer was lost and they had no clues or even news from her, made the minister of the time took several decisions, such as mobilizing the police and accelerated the investigation.

imagesAfter being lost for eleven days she was found in the spa of a luxurious hotel. She had been there from the very beginning, under the name of Teresa Neele. People saw Agatha’s attitude as a kind of rebellion. The marriage between her and Archie, her husband, was not good, and she used the surname of her husband’s lover when she was at the hotel. Many theories have come out: some say that she did it because she suffered some kind of crisis after the death of her mother, others say that she suffered from amnesia…

What I think about all this is that the writer wanted to disconnect from her stressful life, relax herself on the hotel, and even laugh at her husband; I do not think she suffered some kind of amnesia or something. I do think she just wanted to be an ordinary person, someone who nobody knew, and so that she run away, changed her name, and stayed at a hotel relaxing. I would have done it too!