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Doris Lessing who was aged 94 and discribed as “the woman who won as much battles as she lost” by ”De Confidencial” has passed away. According to ”Publico.es”, her physical appearance which was affectionate and friendly, had nothing to do with the strenght and force that is hidden in some of her works.”  She has written more than 50 novels and has been awarded with many prizes; such as Literature Novel Prize (2007), Principe de Asturias (2001)and Premi Catalunya (1999).

Doris Lessing

Doris May Tayler was born in Persia in 1919. She spent her childhood in Rhodesia ( nowadays Zimbabwe) where her parents had to move because of her father’s work.  Her  mother used to buy to her some magazine books and that was the moment when Lessing started to enjoy reading. She decided to break free when she was aged 15 and she published some stories in an African magazine.  When she was aged 3 she moved to London with her third son and started her career with a novel named The Grass is Singing (1950). Lessing served in the British Communist Party during 1952 and 1956 and took part in campaigns against nuclear weapons.

Africa, Britain, women, existential apprehensions and human contradictions are essential themes in her narratives. She was thought to be feminist, but Lessing beaten all these insignia when she wrote about every single issue in society without specifying in any gender, ideology or place.

 “No ordinary work of fiction…The technique, in a word,is brilliant.”—Saturday Review



This novel which was published in 1962 is one of the most known novels of Lessing. In this narrative she  analyses the personality and creativity od women. Despite she denied being the spokesperson of  feminism, this novel which is somehow autobiographic, it is a classic of feminist literature because of its  experimental style and the analysis of feminine psichology.


 “The Golden Notebook is Doris Lessing’s most important work and has left its mark upon the ideas and  feelings of a whole generation of women.”—Elizabeth Hardwick, New York Times Book Review


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