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Is Jane Austen one of your most favourite writer ever? If the answer of this   question is “YES!”, you should not miss 2014 Bath Jane Austen Festival, which is going to be on 12th to 21st September 2014!


First Bath Jane Austen Festival was held in 2001 in Gay Street. According to Jane Austen.co.uk the first Promenade was set out from the Jane Austen Centre in 2004 and had 30 people including most the staff taing part. In 2009 the promenade had over 450, all costume with drummers, dancers, military and naval men.

“All ages, male and female had the most wonderful time in fantastic weather” – JaneAusten.co.uk

  • Get Involved

Not only can you visit the festival but you can also get involved in Jane Austen Community. There are three different ways to get involved in this community. Bath Jane Austen  Festival needs help with running the Festival and are looking foe volunteers who are happy to check tickets, work behind a bar,hand out food…

Do you have a potentially interesting performance space where they could use for free? It is a good chance to do Sponsorship!

Or do you have an idea for an event at the Jane Austen Festival? You can contact themn an tell them your idea. You can work as an actor for a day!


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