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After the early death of Maria and Elisabeth, the other three girls (Charlotte, Ann and Emily) were sent to the Clary’s Daughters school where they spend quite a long time, and which give all of them enough inspiration for the following years they spend writing. Those different stories as the Wide Sargasoo Sea which was written among all of them was developed around the story of the four siblings and settled on one of their fictitious world, Angria; that as well as the other two fictitious worlds –Gondal and Gaaldine— were used as reality worlds for those four lonely children.

The Bronte Family

Emily Bronte spend her youth being a governess till the point where she had to give up with it in order to take care of Branwell (the only boy among the siblings) with his alcohol and drugs problem; and while she did so, she used the long nights standing up for him in order to write poems, secretly, avoiding it from her siblings. But, in 1946, Charlotte found those poems, and encouraged Emily and Ann to write a complete book of poems and to publish it to fight against the discrimination of woman writers. Finally, the book was published, but under the names of Currel, Ellis and Acton Bell – the man’s names they invented taking their initials as guidance–.

Brontës sisters

The book did not have any relevance but, the three sisters did not give up and continued writing. In 1848 Brawell died, and in the same year, after the publication of the Wuthering Heights so did Emily and just a couple of months latter Ann. Letting Charlotte alone with her father. She got married, published 17 different books among novels, poems and juvenilia; and wrote much more, which for obvious family problems did not ever finish.

 Charlotte, dear gentle Charlotte, was quite different in appearance from the others. She was her aunt’s favourite. Her hair was a pretty, light brown, and fell on her neck in graceful curls. She have a lovely violet-blue eyes, fine pencilled eyebrows, and clear, almost transparent complexion. 

She got married, gave birth of three children, and never separate from her father, however, she could never overcome the difficult and tragic childhood and the losses of all her siblings and died at the age of 38 in the family home.

Charlotte Brontë


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